An Edit Moment

I went looking for an h.264 accelerator, and I maybe found a new NLE? A FCX replacement? My partner used Davinci Resolve on our last doc for color grading. For me, I didn't even have the horsepower at work to install Resolve let alone on my aging macbook pro at home, so I lost interest.


I'm sorry to say that i've been feeling like I'm resigned to live with FCX. And I don't feel that way about any of the other Apple software. I'm not in love with Premier either.  So, I'm excited to try out Resolve 12. I'll see if I can install it first though. 

Davinci Resolve 12

The "Pinney-Mini" on Friday, March 27th


@madisonlibrary has put together a great series of events previewing the '15 WFF. I'll be at the 3/27 event reprising The Round Barns of Vernon County from last year's WFF. I'll do a Q&A along with two other filmmakers. Thanks to librarian Jaime Vache for the invitation to me and co-director Shahin Izadi. Shahin can't be at the event, but will cheer me on from Philadelphia.

"The fun continues at the 3rd annual Pinney Mini Film Fest on Friday, March 27 from 6-8 pm.  Enjoy screenings of three films that played at the 2014 WFF and enjoy Q&A sessions with the film Directors themselves!"


Date: Friday, March 27
Time: 6-8pm

Madison Public Library, Pinney Branch
204 Cottage Grove Rd.
Madison, WI 53716


Lessons from a three legged stool

I broke the top because I forced it. I freak out, whine, and conclude that everything I've done is worthless. I'm covered in sawdust and a proverbial baby bird sits atop my lower lip. Next day, I fix it - and figure out how to do the fine mortise joints on the top; paint the legs with milk paint and am satisfied to put my coffee cup on top. 

WPT's Director's Cut, April 1, 7pm

I got a chance to talk about the Round Barns of Vernon County on Director's Cut for Wisconsin Public Television. The airdate is Tuesday, April 1, 7pm on the flagship WPT channel. It will be available online too later the same night. The program previews films with Wisconsin ties that are in this year's Wisconsin Film Festival. For more info visit Director's Cut

Cherry burn bowl

It's a chunk of fruitwood hollowed by using charcoal from the campfire, then sanded and oiled. Has a free carved shape for sure. Smells good.